My name is Ysabelle (pronounced IZ-A-BELL), it's not hard I promise) but most call me Izzy. I'm a 17 year old girl living in Brooklyn, NY. My hobbies are writing a book, playing video games, and watching Netflix, and religiously staying on Tumblr. I like all kinds of music and I follow Castle, Bones, Chuck, Rookie Blue, are a few and I'm looking for more to start. Feel free to message me whenever you want! Follow me on instagram for my daily life @izzyfrizzle Follow me on Twitter to read about how I dont understand twitter @izzy_frizzlehit counter


Quick shoutout to all my Castle/Bones followers and even those that dont follow….
Hang in there the hiatus is almost over. And school is also starting again *cries aggressively*
After all these spoilers, promos, vids, and the like, we can do this guys! Ok carry on.